Saturday, December 27, 2008

How to Make a Car Cake

My daughter fell in love with Noddy this year. For her second birthday I made her a Noddy car, which was such a simple design, that I should have taken photos of how it turned out. My computer locked the file with all her birthday photos, so I have none to show you. When I was asked to make the cake again for a friend of mine's grandson. I took photos of the sculpting of the cake and I hope that this can be of use to car fan's moms. I cut off Noddy's legs and put him into the car to make the cake very authentic!! The car I took photos of was blue and red.

I used two wide loaf tins to bake the cake and cut away each end to shape the car. I used fondant to model the extras on the car and Jube-Jubes to make the front lights. The wheels are donuts, covered in white buttercream. The top of each donut was cut off to allow it to look more real when placed onto the car. I cut a clear cd in half for the windscreen.

Hope you have lots of fun making this cake!

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  1. Thanks for your instructions. I look forward to giving this a bash :)