Tuesday, January 27, 2009

[Tutorial] How to Make Fondant figurine

A tutoriol from Ipoet, who kindly shows us how these cute figures arre made. I love the way she uses things that everyone has around the kitchen. Very creative and very well done!! Thanks for sharing!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentine's Day Mosaic

Valentine's Day Mosaic, originally uploaded by Gracescakes.

A selection of Valentine's Day Cupcakes for V-day!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hibiscus Napkin Rings How 2

These Napkin rings I made for my brother's Surf party. I had a brain wave with some left over pipecleaners from the slip-slops.

I cut out four petal flowers from tissue paper, pushe the two ends of the pipe-cleaner through the centre and sqished the paper to make a believable flower.

I then put white glue on the tips of the pipe-cleaners and dipped them in yellow sprinkles.

I put one around a stone as a weight for the napkins on the cocktail table and use the rest as napkin rings for the napkins on the table.

I guess you could put them around candles and heaps of other things to add atmosphere to the party!!

Baileys and Coffee Buttercream Recipe

So here is the recipe for my most delicious buttercream.
Not good for my new years resolution to loose some weight and get into shape. Here it is anyway!!

100g butter (room temp)
30ml coffee (strong brewed)
2 and a half cups of icing sugar
20ml of Baileys (okay, so I just throw in enough to make it takes awesome, you decide!)

Beat together until smooth. I use my food processor and always get a smooth buttercream. Don't over beat. Add more icing sugar if you need a stiffer buttercream.


Jeremy's 30th Birthday Party!

So the party has come and gone!! We worked all of Saturday on the decorations and the cake. My sister, Dot, her husband, Tobie and my husband and I set to work early that morning. My sister stays an hours drive away, so they had an earlier start. The tables looked so beachy and I think my brother was so happy.

These are the foam and pipe-cleaner slip-slops I made for the table, we used beach sand for the runner of the table and added frangapanis from my garden.

The cake took forever. It was a dark chocolate mud cake filled and crumb coated with Baileys and coffe buttercream. So yummy and moist and just delicious!! My brother is a die hard surfer and since moving to New Zealand in Feb last year has surfed so few times he can remember each of them. So we gave him a good old South African Braai (Barbaque) party with a Surfer's theme!! He is a big fan of theme parties and had an awesome time!!

Happy Birthday, Jay!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shrek Cake

My sister asked me to help her with a Shrek cake she was making. She used a doll tin to bake the cake and covered it with fondant that she had made to look like wood.

I made the roots using wire and wrapped fondant around it, tapped the fondant with a sharp knife to give a wood effect. I stuck a tiny piece of straw into the cake before sticking the wire into the straw, so the wire would not touch the cake.

A lovely cake and we had fun making it together!!

Surf Party How to!!

My sister and I are planning my brother's 30th birthday party. He loves surfing and so we are having a Surf party. We are making the table decor and have had lots of fun making different beach things. I took photos of the star fish making out of fondant and I made Flip-Flops out of foam and pipe cleaners. On some of the Flip-Flops, I twisted two pipe-cleaners together to make a prettier shoe. Simple cold glue stuck the pipe-cleaners to the foam. I also use my cookie cutters to emboss the foam for a more funky shoe.

I will post more cool ideas as we finish them. The cake is going to be a combi, Retro VW with surf boards on top etc. Can't wait to see his face when he sees it!!